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Corey Riley believes that “an athletic program’s success can not merely be measured by the number of wins, but rather how the program has succeeded in educating the student in mind, body, and spirit.”

This holistic approach to coaching has carried over into Corey’s liaison-recruiting success rates. If a student is weak in academics, Corey will focus on helping the student improve their grades. If the student is high in academics and a mid level athlete, Corey will focus on raising athletic skill. The goal is to attain balance between academics and athletics because this is what the best colleges are looking for.

Corey has a firm belief in academics first and athletics second. He believes that any student’s goals should be to have a healthy balance between academics and athletics. If an athlete acquires a good education and then gets injured thus ending their sports career, he or she will be able to support themselves and achieve independence without having to depend on athletics.

Corey Riley is a successful athletic liaison to colleges. He works with both college student athletes and their families helping student athletes get into division 3 colleges.

Corey helps Student Athletes with:

  • Athletic Bios
  • Facebook Clean-Ups
  • Resumes
  • Essays
  • Application Completion
  • Financial Aid Documents
  • NCAA Rules
  • Signups 
  • Exposure Camps

College Coaches and Recruiters

Corey also works directly with college coaches and recruiters to help them find high academic athletes they can recruit.

Corey offers several packages including Campus Tours with the intention of acquiring direct exposure to specific college coaches and recruiters.  

Corey’s Athletic and Coaching Experience:

2003 Riley graduates from American Heritage where he played defensive end and was a Class A first-team all-state selection his senior year, helping Heritage reach the state finals for the first time in school history.

2003-2006 Riley gets recruited by Eastern Michigan and is a three-year defensive end starter. He spends two years as an EMU Graduate assistant.

2006-2007– Riley served as a graduate assistant coach at Eastern Michigan University.

2008 to 2010– Riley worked as a defensive line coach and running back coach at Saint Andrew’s Private High School in Boca Raton, Florida.

2010 to 2012-Riley served as an assistant football coach at American Heritage and served as the director of operations and assistant football coach for the Palm Beach Youth Programs.

2012 to 2014-Riley goes back to Saint Andrews as the Head Varsity Football Coach.

Experience and Strategy Consulting

Corey Riley has coached under some of the top names in the coaching profession.

An athletic director once stated that “Coach Riley’s peers describe him as a coach that easily gains the trust and respect of his players.” He also said, “Coach Riley was an exceptional player at both the high school and collegiate levels and is committed to developing all of our student-athletes at every level.”

Corey’s experience, his philosophy of balance and a holistic approach to coaching has assisted him in guiding his student athlete clients on how to get into the colleges of their choices.

For more information about Corey’s services go to Liaison Services or Call Corey now.  


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