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Corey Riley believes that “an athletic program’s success can not merely be measured by the number of wins, but rather how the program has succeeded in educating the student in mind, body, and spirit.”

This holistic approach to coaching has carried over into Corey’s liaison-recruiting success rates. If a student is weak in academics, Corey will focus on helping the student improve their grades. Ifthe student is high in academics and a mid level athlete, Corey will focus on raising athletic skill. The goal is to attain balance between academics and athletics because this is what the best colleges are looking for. (Read More?)

Corey has a firm belief in academics first and athletics second. He believes that any student’s goals should be to have a healthy balance between academics and athletics. If an athlete acquires a good education and then gets injured thus ending their sports career, he or she will be able to support themselves and achieve independence without having to depend on athletics.

Corey’s experience, his philosophy of balance and a holistic approach to coaching has assisted him in guiding his student athlete clients on how to get into the colleges of their choices.



Corey’s primary goal as a student athlete liaison is to open doors for high school student athletes. These are Ivy League, division 3 college doors. He works with football players, baseball players, volleyball players, lacrosse athletes, tennis pros, and more.

Corey has already helped dozens of students find, explore and get into the colleges they would otherwise not be aware of or be able to get into. He helps high school students raise their confidence and guides them on how to attract, market to, and communicate with college coaches and recruiters.

His career as a liaison started when he was a Head Varsity Coach at Saint Andrews Private High School in Boca Raton, Florida. He found himself giving guidance to high school athletes he was coaching. Soon the word got out beyond the doors of Saint Andrews about his abilities to help student athletes get into division 3 level and Ivy League schools.

Becoming a full time liaison seemed the next natural step for this all star college athlete and successful high school football coach.

One of Corey’s first student clients was very high in academics and an average athlete. Corey helped him get into Harvard by guiding him and advising him on communicating, enhancing his athletic abilities, and catching the attention of the Harvard coaches.

Corey knows what works and he knows how the college recruiting system operates. He also knows Ivy League college coaches and they know him.

Corey has a hands-on personalized custom approach to working with students and their families. He absolutely loves every aspect of being a liaison especially because he gets to help students achieve lifelong dreams of attending colleges they have always wanted to attend.

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